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Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services (CVVRS)

Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesOn behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services (CVVRS) provide the vocational components of Veterans Affairs Canada’s Rehabilitation Program to help you achieve your employment goals.

If you are a disabled Canadian Forces Veteran, the Veterans Affairs Canada Rehabilitation Program may be able to help you and your family make the transition to civilian life. It offers services that can restore your ability to function in your home, community and workplace. Family members can participate in your rehabilitation case plan and, in some cases, receive certain services such as counseling.

In most cases, the Rehabilitation Program will be provided to you through a network of local experts. Services can be used alone or together, depending on what you need. Your Veterans Affairs Canada Case Manager will work with you and your family to help you determine what you need and how to access the services.

What is Veterans Affairs Canada’s Rehabilitation Program? 


Veterans Affairs Canada’s Rehabilitation Program, a cornerstone of the New Veterans Charter, is a key part in helping modern-day Veterans return to civilian life as quickly as possible by providing access to medical, psycho-social and vocational rehabilitation services.

The Rehabilitation Program can assist eligible modern-day Veterans and their families adjust to civilian life by offering services which limit or remove barriers and restore their ability to function in their home, community and/or workplace.

For modern-day Veterans, finding and keeping a meaningful job is one of the most important aspects of returning to civilian life. For this reason, vocational rehabilitation and vocational assistance services are offered to modern-day Veterans and in some cases, their spouses, common-law partners or survivors.

What is CVVRS?

Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services is a joint venture comprised of two well-respected vocational rehabilitation providers: WCG International HR Solutions and March of Dimes Canada. With more than 40 years experience providing comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services, Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services brings together a national network of service providers and vocational rehabilitation experts to ensure the best support for Veterans and their families.

What can I expect?

The vocational services provided by CVVRS include:

  • Assessment: The first step in determining your vocational goals
    • Analyze information regarding potential to return to work
    • Discuss your work history, existing skills, ability to learn new skills and aptitudes and interests
    • Specialized assessments
  • Planning: Identifying your vocational goals and your next steps to achieve
  • Action Plan: An individualized plan that provides you with tools and training
    • May include educational upgrading, college programs, work trials and obtaining interview and job search skills.

You will obtain the skills, abilities and work habits that will prepare you to secure a job in your chosen area of work. CVVRS staff will be working on your behalf to monitor and assist you with finding work once your job preparation has been completed. When you are successful at securing a job, the CVVRS staff will work with you and your employer to ensure a successful employment relationship.

Do I qualify?

If you are medically released for any reason or are a released Canadian Forces Veteran with a service-related injury or illness, you may be eligible for rehabilitation services. In certain cases, spouses, common-law partners and survivors may also access vocational services.

You must be eligible for the Veterans Affairs Canada Rehabilitation Program to qualify for services provided by CVVRS. Veterans Affairs Canada will determine eligibility for the Rehabilitation Program. Once you qualify for rehabilitation services, you will be assigned a Veterans Affairs Canada Case Manager. Your Veterans Affairs Canada Case Manager can refer you to Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services when you are ready.  

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Note: As service providers for the program, March of Dimes Canada does not provide any information on whether veterans qualify. Please review the Veterans Affairs Canada website and contact Veterans Affairs Canada with any questions.  

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