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By partnering with March of Dimes Canada, MySDS® found employees who have the specialized skills needed to protect workers from hazardous chemicals. 

MySDS clients
Photo caption: MODC clients and MySDS employees (from left to right): Emma Portier, Graham Conti, and Joël Renaud

It was in 2018 that Christa Moellenkamp – Co-founder and Vice President, Compliance of MySDS® – started a partnership with March of Dimes Canada (MODC). She was impressed when Kerri-Ann Rochon, a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist with MODC Employment Services team, reached out to discuss MySDS® hiring people with disabilities. Christa took Kerri-Ann up on her offer. 

It turned out to be one of the best business decisions Christa’s ever made.  

That’s because as a health and safety compliance company, MySDS® has a lot at stake. MySDS® staff support clients – such as hospitals, labs, school boards, mines, municipalities and other workplaces – via an online management system for safety data sheets (SDS), ensuring they meet Health Canada’s regulatory requirements for hazardous materials. The company’s employees play a vital role in protecting people from injury or death, as they are responsible for listing critical details like ingredients, environmental health hazards, and safety precautions associated with a wide variety of chemicals. As a trusted partner, Christa knows Kerri-Ann connects her with only the best and brightest talent. 

“I would like to hire more people through our continued partnership with March of Dimes Canada because we’ve had so much success.”

— Christa Moellenkamp, Co-founder and Vice President, Compliance at MySDS®

In fact, every MODC client Kerri-Ann recommends is tech-enabled and detail-oriented, with excellent analytical, research, and organizational skills. “Disabled people often face so many barriers to employment,” explains Christa. “Yet they’ve had the most success with us because the work is highly independent and requires hyperfocus, as well as high attention to detail, and often tech skills. It’s been our experience that people who are neurodivergent or those with anxiety, for example, do well with this work.”  

MODC client Graham Conti is enjoying a successful career at MySDS®. He started as a data-entry clerk at the company and was promoted to account manager – the position he holds today. “I’m the go-to person when others have questions about lab chemicals,” Graham says proudly. 

As is Joël Renaud. He’s another MODC client who had the unique skills MySDS® was looking for. Joël is MySDS®’ only bilingual staff member. He assists Christa with the bookkeeping and invoicing, is responsible for the French data-entry, and reviews all French documentation, ensuring accurate translation. “It’s work I really enjoy,” says Joël. 

Then there’s Emma Portier, another MODC client Christa was thrilled to hire. “Emma is our tech guru,” says Christa. At the beginning of the pandemic, when the company had to figure out how to set everyone up to work at home while continuing to field phone calls from clients, Emma researched the pros and cons of the various collaboration apps and phone systems. Management at MySDS® chose the options that Emma recommended. “I feel like I’m making a difference,” says Emma. 

In all, seven of MySDS®’ 15 employees are former MODC clients. Christa knows exactly where to turn when she needs the best and brightest. “I would like to hire more people through our continued partnership with MODC because we’ve had so much success,” she says. It’s a comfort knowing she can rely on her strong ongoing partnership with Kerri-Ann. “MODC staff really go the extra mile for their clients – and for us.”  

The way Christa sees it, it’s win-win.  

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