Vocational Rehabilitation Services

MODC Employment Services provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to support individuals with physical, psychological, developmental, cognitive and emotional disabilities or functional impairments, as well as other health concerns. Our job is to support clients in overcoming barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment. From a vocational perspective, a client’s rehabilitation potential is related to how they prepare for, secure, regain or retain employment, and restore previous earnings.

MODC Employment Services assesses a client’s vocational rehabilitation potential by identifying and appraising an individual’s level of functioning in relation to meeting job demands and selecting suitable employment. A client’s vocational rehabilitation potential may concern their ability to manage the physical as well as cognitive demands of a job, have marketable skills, and complete recognized education and preferred training. As well, it concerns their ability to maximize their earning capacity by attaining a position that utilizes their talent, experience and transferrable skills. 

Our services include three phases:

  1. Intake and assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Intervention

Benefits of successful rehabilitation extend beyond simply returning to employment. For the client, vocational rehabilitation can provide numerous benefits by improving their health, engagement and overall well-being. We provide professional and integrated services, utilizing evidence and recommendations from a range of healthcare professionals to inform and support successful vocational rehabilitation services.