Client Employment Services

What you can expect from us

Looking for work takes determination, motivation, commitment and patience, especially in a tough labour market. Our objective is to help you, our client, avoid discouragement, keep up your energy and motivation, and secure the best job possible, as quickly as possible.

Whether you are looking for work for the first time or going back to work, our full range of staff will support you every step of the way.

Our service model includes “wrap-around” support and frequent employer contact with a wide range of employers, quick job searches and placement. We provide on-the-job training to make sure you have the skills and knowledge you need to get and keep your job. We will coach you regarding discussions about your disabilities and challenges, and we will continue to give you individual support as required to ensure your long-term success.


Job Exploration

First, we get to know you so we can find out what kind of job would best suit you. You will receive effective and thorough assessments to identify your strengths and barriers to employment, and any support or accommodations you might need. Then we will work with you to create an employment plan.

Active Job Search

Together, we will look at job opportunities in your community. Our team has strong connections with hundreds of employers, so we know the latest information on jobs, market trends, wages and employers’ needs and practices. We will assist you with your job search with a focus on achieving the best possible match for your interests and skills. We will also identify modifications or adaptations that you might need.

Job Preparation

We will help you to develop the skills needed for the job you want. This may include providing you with skill set training, on-the-job training, resumé development and interview skills.

We will coach you through the interview process, including how to handle discussions about disclosure of your disabilities.

On-the-Job Support

Once you have employment, we will continue to help while you establish yourself in the job. Support can come in many forms depending on what your needs are, and may include on-site job coaching while you develop the skills necessary for your job.

Government and other online resources

To learn about federal and provincial government resources and other online resources, click here to visit our Resources page.