October is Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is Disability Awareness Month - Quincy smiling

October brings cooler weather, changing leaves, and awareness – welcome to Disability Employment Awareness Month! This is a special month for us at March of Dimes Canada because we support job-seekers with disabilities.  

March of Dimes Canada’s Employment Services exists to support people with disabilities while they look for and find meaningful jobs. During these challenging times, we’re  continuing to help clients find jobs at retail stores, federal government ministries, corporations, care facilities and more. The benefits of inclusive employment are catching on! 

Meet Quincy Odutayo 

Like many people living with disability, Quincy Odutayo had trouble finding work. “It was difficult,” he says. “I get nervous in interviews, and a lot of people thought I wouldn’t be a good employee.” 

Fortunately, someone told him about March of Dimes Canada’s Employment Services. Quincy reached out and found the support he needed. “First, we talked about what kind of jobs I would like and my experience. Then, we worked on my resume and practised interview questions,” he says.  With help, he did the work to prepare himself, overcame his nervousness and was successfully placed in a job as a buggies attendant at a local Longo’s supermarket, which Quincy has had for a year now. “I was a little shy, the first day, because I didn’t know a lot of people, and I had to learn the job,” he says. “But now I’m good at it.” 

It’s worked out well. Quincy is proud of his accomplishments and he’s well-liked at  Longo’s, giving him the social connection and confidence that he was looking for. “I want to take on more responsibility. Do more. Have more experiences on the job,” he adds. “This will be good for my future.” 

Click here for Quincy’s video and hear more of his story!