MentorAbility matches clients with mentors

Wenwei and Pete Mikos of North 49 Books who hosted a mentorship experience in Toronto.

Since the MentorAbility Canada Project began one year ago, over 35 March of Dimes Canada Employment Services clients have been able to explore specific career opportunities of their interest, thanks to a wide range of employers who have provided mentors. MODC became a MentorAbility partner for Ontario in April 2019 when the project launched.

Created by the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE), MentorAbility promotes the employment of people with disabilities, called “protégés”, in communities across Canada. As an official program partner, our role has been to develop and deliver full- or half-day mentoring experiences for job seekers with disabilities to meet with individual mentors. These mentorships give our clients exposure to different jobs and employment opportunities, helping them determine what they need to get ahead in their field of interest. In some cases, the mentorships lead to employment.

More than 16 partner agencies have signed up and facilitated more than 35 matches so far in Ottawa, Timmins, North Bay, London, Caledon, Toronto, Cobourg, Orleans, Belleville, Brampton, Mississauga and Flesherton.

In Mississauga
Congratulations to MODC Employment Services in Mississauga, which has had four hires from its MentorAbility matches. Employers hiring protégés who participated in a mentorship with them include Union Chicken, Turtle Jacks and Basic Packaging.

MODC clients Comfort and Sarah were both hired after their mentoring experience at Basic Packaging in Mississauga.

In Ottawa
Congratulations to Innovative Community Support Services (ICSS) of Ottawa, which has begun creating MentorAbility matches and recently hosted an information session to connect with potential employer mentors.

In Toronto
A big Thank You to Pete Mikos of North 49 Books in Toronto who recently hosted a mentorship for a gentleman interested in learning about opportunities in various types of warehouses. MODC Employment Services client Wenwei had the opportunity to learn about picking and packing orders, receiving inventory and other everyday tasks in this warehouse.

Wenwei gets to know the tasks typically conducted in the North 49 Warehouse.

For more information
Contact Lisa Livingston at 1-866-380-0758 ext. 262 to find out how your agency can sign up and be part of this national initiative.