SkillingUp: a digital learning program for people with disabilities

Logos of SkillingUp in partnership with Microsoft and CIBC Foundation

MODC launches digital learning program, SkillingUp, in partnership with Microsoft and CIBC

SkillingUp enables people with disabilities to learn in-demand digital skills needed for employment in tech or tech-enabled roles, allowing them to thrive in the current and future job-market.

March of Dimes Canada (MODC) is pleased to announce the launch of SkillingUp, our digital skills learning program for people with disabilities, in partnership with Microsoft and CIBC.

Through our new SkillingUp program, which is free for eligible individuals, Canadians with disabilities now have a clear pathway to gain the digital skills needed to participate in the digital workforce and pursue in-demand roles in a changing economy. Learning pathways allow individuals to gain technical training and certifications ranging from entry-level digital literacy to advanced skills for tech and tech-enabled jobs. SkillingUp also provides mentorship and additional resources to prepare for our digital future.

“We believe in a future that is inclusive and equitable, which is why we are excited to work with Microsoft and CIBC to collectively enable Canadians with disabilities to gain new skills for a more digital world,” says Lesley Smith, Vice President of Employment Services, March of Dimes Canada. “Not only has technology become integral to our lives, but knowledge of how to use and apply it has become essential to employment. People with disabilities are under-represented in the workforce and often lack access to the tools and resources required to succeed.”

SkillingUp supports all stages of employment by providing learning and career development resources to individuals based on their needs and knowledge and will evolve the culture around inclusive hiring. Currently, 80 per cent of Canadian business leaders are seeking workers with digital skills and Canada is estimated to have 2 million new technology jobs by 2025. SkillingUp will enable Canadians with disabilities to access the skills, training and certifications required to actively participate and succeed in this new environment.

“Diversity enriches our workforce and opens new avenues for innovation and transformative thinking,” says Lisa Everett, Canada Community Engagement Lead for Microsoft Philanthropies. “We look forward to collaborating with March of Dimes Canada on their SkillingUp program to empower more Canadians living with disabilities to find sustainable careers in the digital economy.”

SkillingUp will enable Canadians living with disabilities to fully engage in our increasingly digital world.

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