Gift from TD Bank Group will provide virtual job coaching for people with disabilities

As Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) comes to a close, March of Dimes Canada is excited to announce a collaboration with TD Bank Group that will bring cutting edge technology to job hunters and workers who have disabilities.

Thanks to a generous donation from TD – $150,000 over three years – 60 March of Dimes Canada clients will have an opportunity to use avail®, an interactive, online platform that provides virtual job training and coaching. Avail® by CentralReach, which can be accessed through tablets and other handheld devices, will empower people with disabilities to be more confident, independent and successful at work. CentralReach is the leading provider of electronic medical record (EMR) services and software for applied behavior analysis and related behavioral health practices. 

Avail® will complement the work of March of Dimes Canada’s job developers and employment counsellors, who provide one-on-one support to clients who are looking for work, as well as those who are employed in a variety of settings. The digital solution provides tailored training and ongoing support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Avail® helps people living with autism, brain injuries, mental health diagnoses and cognitive disabilities learn the skills needed to live and work more independently.

“We’re very grateful to TD for making this exciting initiative possible. Avail® will help people with disabilities develop the skills they need to find, maintain and advance in employment. By giving employers a new way to train and engage with workers who have disabilities, this program will play an important role in breaking down barriers to employment and creating more inclusive workplaces,” says Len Baker, President and CEO of March of Dimes Canada.

Avail® makes it possible for March of Dimes Canada’s staff and the employers they work with to collaborate to create personalized, digital content (such as photos and videos) that helps job seekers and new employees become familiar with work environments and the tasks associated with specific jobs. Schedules, timers and reminders can also be uploaded to clients’ tablets.

Lisa Marie Clinton, the managing director of avail® support at CentralReach, says avail® is a game changer for people with disabilities. Users tell her how much they appreciate having a digital, personal assistant that fosters their independence and supports them reach their full potential. “They have ownership and can control and access the prompts without having to request support from someone else. They say that’s the biggest reward,” says Clinton. 
When March of Dimes Canada clients begin using avail® they will join 1,000 other users in Ireland, the United Kingdom and North America who are leveraging the technology to achieve their goals in the workplace, at home and in educational settings. 

Last year, March of Dimes Canada supported 15,640 clients to follow their employment ambitions to explore and prepare for careers, or access new work. Visit our Employment Services website for more information about the employment services we offer. 

Additional information about avail® by CentralReach can be found at